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Decluttering! Where to start.

As a rule of thumb, so to put it, I try to declutter everything from closets to drawers at the beginning of each new year. Honestly, I should do it more often, as in once a quarter, just to keep things more tidy and easily accessible. However, this year, I have been speedily packing and trying to move due to a family issue, and thus, my clutter has moved with me...AAAGGGGHHH!! So, while I am waiting on my home to be built, I will be going through this process by going to my storage units...note, I couldn't find one that was large enough.....and so I will have two, opening boxes, sorting them and tossing out items that I cannot donate to local charities.

It is refreshing to get rid of clutter and discard items that you truly have no use for or you were holding on to them because Aunt Betty gave them to you....shhhh, she will never know! More importantly, if the items were of good quality, I prefer to think of them as now, being useful, like in the Beauty and the Beast....and, though inanimate, they feel better about themselves because they are being put to use?!! Okay, so I digressed. Regardless, I use this same philosophy with my work. I go through the nooks and crannies of my desk and sort and file items that are useful in a more organized way.....remember the Dewey Decimal system...yes, I just dated myself, no doubt . This too, puts a new sense or order into my world and helps me put my thoughts together to move forward with my goals....in a more functional space, where I can actually find a paperclip or another pen, as this one has run out.

One other suggestion, is to ...imagine it....of all things.....make a list. And if getting started seems overwhelming, well...take one item at a time. Clean out the top right dresser drawer and walk away. You should feel better having completed that one task and then in a day or so, tackle the next item on the list. Post your list on your refrigerator, and as you accomplish each item, mark them off with a big red slash....having conquered the procrastination beast and laying him (or her) to rest. Regardless of how you approach your list, simply pull yourself up by your boot straps and get going....what's holding you back....the cat? Reeally?? No excuses.....get a move on and start accomplishing...you will feel better the moment you do! Until next week.....have a fabulous day!!

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