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Google Ads for Small Business

Online Presence

  • Fully automated, Cloud-Based Platform - no software or downloads required

  • We do all the work

  • Fast setup | Hands Free maintenance.

  • Flexible budgeting options. 

  • Quantifiable results!

  • Easily see what's being said        about your business online.

  • Improve search rankings.

  • Monitor where your business is mentioned using automated sentient analysis.

  • Competitive benchmarking.  

  • Two clicks to respond to Facebook and Google reviews

Active Campaign

  • ​Sales & CRM: A CRM with email and sales automation. 

  • Email Marketing.

  • Marketing Automations.

  • Messaging: Stay Engaged.

  • Machine Learning:  Turn every email, phone call, and sale into data to make better decisions for your business.​ 


Dark Social Marketing

Our GETSocial program tracks both public and private/dark social shares.  Dark Social Shares can represent up to 98% of all shares.  Never miss an Opportunity to Reach your Target Audience again!

Going for a Walk
A Beagle and a Bulldog....both are dogs...but, still they are different. 
​SEO and SEM are the same.  They both market your business but work differently.
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Our Local Coupons are in a City Near You!

With 97% of consumers...across  5 Generations..... looking for options, shouldn't you consider driving more traffic to your business?

Creative and Targeted Audience Marketing:

  • E-Commerce Sites:  Sell your products online!  From Start to Finish, we will build an automated site that will drive New Clients to grow your bottom line!

  • Mobile Display Advertising:  Target, Retarget, Geo-Fence and Streaming Marketing.  Reach specific Audience Segments based on Key Demographics. Reach the right people at the right time...and, where they live on their Smart Phones!

  • Online Digital Ads:  Target Audiences on Google, Bing, Facebook and Instagram!  Reach and engage customers near your business to drive new traffic in your door!